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Resources on Karl Rahner from The Way

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The Theological Investigations on CD-ROM

The complete 23-volume text of the Theological Investigations in PDF format, published by Mary Immaculate College in Limerick, Ireland, to mark Rahnerís centenary in 2004
Karl Rahner and Ignatian Spirituality
Philip Endean SJ

This book casts significant new light on Rahner's achievement by exploring the influence of Ignatius' Spiritual Exercises on his work. It clarifies the relationships in Rahner's thought between grace, christology and ecclesiology, and offers a fresh and contemporary theological interpretation of Ignatian retreat-giving. Philip Endean illuminates the new departures that this ministry has taken in the last thirty years, as well as contributing to the lively current debate about the relationship between spirituality and speculative theology.

'This book is balanced in its judgments and offers an impressive and persuasive account of a most complex set of writings.' Theology

'A work of impressive scholarship ... will be found enlightening and encouraging by anyone interested in the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola and indeed in the Christian life in general.' Journal of Theological Studies

Karl Rahner: Life in the Spirit
John J. O'Donnell SJ

A simple introduction to Rahner's thought, marking the centenary of his birth, this book brings out how the offer of God's friendship to all men and women lies at the heart of Rahner's theology, and how it gives them a way to live each day in the power of God's spirit.


The Way's October 2004 special number, Commitment and Freedom, honours the centenary of Karl Rahner's birth, as well as the centenaries of John Courtney Murray and Bernard Lonergan. It contains articles by Patricia Carroll on Rahner and mysticism, by Jon Sobrino on Rahner and Liberation Theology, and by Philip Endean on Alfred Delp, among many others.