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Unfortunately we cannot give a refund if you change your mind about subscribing to The Way once our distributors have set up your subscription. Consequently we will not have the subscription set up until a week after you subscribe, in case you change your mind!

Methods of Payment

The sterling price reflects the current exchange rate. Online payments using WorldPay can be charged in your choice of currency; PayPal payments are always charged in sterling; cheques may be made out either in sterling or US dollars

WorldPay is a secure payment service run by Royal Bank of Scotland. It is easier to use than PayPal.
PayPal is a popular secure payment service.
Or you can simply send us a cheque, either in sterling or US dollars (dollar cheques must be drawn on a US bank). Please make cheques out to The Way, and send to: The Way, Campion Hall, Brewer Street, Oxford, OX1 1QS, UK.