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April 2003 Vol 42 no 2


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The School of the Heart

How the Ignatian Exercises foster a sense of God’s love, a freedom from false security, and a whole-hearted engagement with life’s tasks.

Bridging the Gap: Cross-Cultural Spiritual Direction

Some thoughtful reflections on several summers spent giving spiritual accompaniment at Taizé, where young people come from all over the world in search of God.

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From the Ignatian Tradition:
Requirements for the One Giving and for the One Making the Exercises

A classic commentary on the Ignatian Annotations from the 1590s, never before published in English.

Hunger for the Connection

The school of the heart and the spirit begins with the imagination - a point that school and church bureaucrats too easily encourage us to forget.

Guilt is a Cry

Guilt is sometimes justified and constructive, sometimes not. Howard Gordon helps us tell the difference.

‘Here You Have Me, Lord!’: Pedro Arrupe’s First Retreat as General of the Society of Jesus, 1965

Pedro Arrupe’s retreat notes from 1965 have recently been published in Spain. Joseph Munitiz presents their riches to English-speaking readers.

Following Christ in Word and Gesture

How exercises in movement and gesture can bring to awareness hidden dimensions of our relationship with Christ.

‘We Shall Be Changed’

A reflection on grief and bereavement, drawing on St Paul, Julian of Norwich, and John Milton.

From Despair to Communion: Discernment in the Writings of Luke

What Luke’s two books, the Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles, reveal about Christian discernment then and now.

Theological Trends:
Jesus and Buddhists

A survey of what different Buddhists say about Jesus, and how these insights might enrich us, especially in our approach to believers of other traditions.

Recent Books

on Michael Barnes’ new book in the theology of religions
on Charles Taylor, William James and ‘religious experience’
admires a new survey of Orthodox spirituality
reviews a survey of Roman Catholic social teaching by Charles Curran
on George Lindbeck’s vision of Church and theology
follows Wendy Wright’s re-exploration of the Sacred Heart
on theologians, Hopkins lovers, and the new dictionary of Jesuit history

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