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  What is The Way ?

The Way is an international journal of contemporary Christian spirituality, published by the British Jesuits. Through writing informed by critical and creative scholarship, it aims to provide a forum in which thoughtful Christians, from different walks of life and different traditions, reflect on God’s continuing action in human experience.

Among particular concerns of The Way are:

  •  the role of spirituality in the struggle for justice
  •  the spiritual issues raised by intercultural and interreligious dialogue
  •  the interactions between spirituality, politics and culture
  •  the fostering and development of the Ignatian spiritual tradition.

To find out more about how The Way understands spirituality read this article from the first issue after our relaunch in 2003, ‘The Ignatian Spirituality of The Way.

And to find out more about the history of The Way read this: The Way, 1961–1986’


Listen to the podcast from John Russell accompanying his article in the July 2024 issue about spirituality, yoga and his personal journey.

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Subscribers to The Way will also have access to our private group where we will be publishing updates on the journal, material from our extensive archives and exclusive content. Once you have joined the platform you can also choose to access it through the app ‘Mighty Networks’ available on Android and iPhone. Join us on the platform today by clicking this link: Mighty Networks

The Way is affiliated to UK registered charity no. 230165, the Society of Jesus Trust of 1929 for Roman Catholic Purposes. Its ISSN is 0043-1575.