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January 2011 Vol 50 no 1
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Looking Back and Looking Forward

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John Coventry

The Way, 1961–1986

John Coventry SJ was Provincial of the Jesuits of what was then known as the English Province when they first published The Way in 1961. To mark its silver jubilee in 1986 he wrote an article in Letters and Notices (an internal publication of the Province) describing the journal’s origins and the ‘somewhat chequered history’ of its first 25 years. Here those reflections are made available for the first time to a wider readership.

John Mahoney

The Glory of God in St John’s Gospel

A primary concern of early numbers of The Way was to make biblical spirituality (a new concept for most Roman Catholics at the time) accessible to a broader audience. Jack Mahoney shows how this aim continues today, with an article investigating the pastoral significance of the theme of the glory of God, common to the Jewish and Christian scriptures.

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John L. McKenzie

Into the Desert

Continuing to mark The Way’s 50th anniversary, each edition this year will reprint an article from a different decade of publication. John L. McKenzie’s article, from the very first number of the journal, looks at different ways in which the experience of the desert helped shape people’s experience of God throughout the Bible. McKenzie was perhaps the foremost Roman Catholic biblical scholar of the 1960s, and died in 1991.

Christian Troll

Can Christians an Muslims Pray Together?

During his pontificate Pope John Paul II risked controversy by praying publically together with members of the Muslim faith at a number of events which enjoyed wide coverage in the media. Christian Troll here asks how we can make sense of what is taking place on such occasions, if we are not to risk falling into a shallow syncretism or relativism.

Amy Hereford

Mistress of Vision

Exploring feminine images of the Christian God may sound like a relatively modern preoccupation, associated with the development of feminism since the 1970s. However Amy Hereford argues that the writings of the Victorian poet Francis Thompson employ such images in new and creative ways that are deeply rooted in events of his own troubled life.

Toufic Makhoul

Making Ourselves One in the thought and spirituality of Chiara Lubich

A key theme of Ignatian spirituality is that of 'inculturation', the process of adapting one's presentation of the gospel to the culture of those being addressed. Toufic Makhoul here shows how the thought of Chiara Lubich, founder of the Focolare movement, arrives at a similar way of proceeding from a subtly different series of motivations.

François Euvé

A Spirituality For Scientists: historical Overview

The possibility (or impossibility) of a link between science and religion continues to be a topic guaranteed to make headlines. François Euvé believes that this debate recognises ‘the rightful … autonomy of earthly affairs’, in a phrase taken from the Second Vatican Council. On this basis, he demonstrates links between the contemporary quests of science and spirituality.

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New titles:

The Old Testament: The Pentateuch, translated by Nicholas King SJ

(Image of book)
Nicholas King’s ground-breaking translation of the New Testament was published to great acclaim in 2004. Church leaders, critics and readers agreed unanimously with the reviewer who described it as ‘dynamite’. The Pentateuch, which will be followed by the publication of two further Old Testament volumes, includes the Book of Genesis, the Book of Exodus, Leviticus, the Book of Numbers and Deuteronomy.

Price: £19.95

ISBN: 978 1 84867 285 7

New Books from the Institute of Jesuit Sources

(Image of book)

J. Carlos Coupeau, SJ, From Inspiration to Invention: Rhetoric in the Constitutions of the Society of Jesus
(Image of book)

Antonio Alburquerque SJ, Diego Lainez, S.J.: First Biographer of St Ignatius of Loyola
(Image of book)

Jeffrey Klaiber, The Jesuits in Latin America, 1549-2000
(Image of book)

John W. Padberg SJ, Together as a Companionship: General Congregations of the Society of Jesus

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