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Glimpses of Newman 1801-1890

selected by Joseph A. Munitiz and Oonagh Walker

John Henry Newman, recently beatified by Pope Benedict XVI, seems to have made a deep impression on many of those who met him throughout his life. To mark his beatification a selection of brief reports that people made of these encounters has been gathered here. Taken together they present a rich and varied description of the man in his own time.

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Richard Boileau

Consolation of Mind and Heart: The Search for Meaning and Happiness

In his work as spiritual director and counsellor, Richard Boileau has repeatedly encountered people who struggle to articulate their search for happiness and for meaning in their lives. Ignatius of Loyola spoke of the experience of ‘consolation’ as the prime indicator that one was moving along a path that led to God. Here Boileau considers how these two understandings of human fulfilment might relate to one another.

John Moffatt

Beyond the Catechism: Faith and Reason

The Christian Church faces a perennial problem in trying to present ancient truths in modern language. An inherited technical language of theology can sit uneasily alongside an equally technical discourse shaped by contemporary science. Here John Moffatt, Jesuit chaplain to Oxford University, asks how we might begin to achieve a successful translation between the two modes of expression.

Sue Delaney

Women in Search of a Way

Sue Delaney is an Australian psychologist who has found her own spiritual journey enriched by the accounts that other women have written of the steps they have taken to make sense of their own lives. Here she reflects upon four such quests, and the relevance they can have for those who set out to discover God at work in their own lives today.

Robert E. Doud

Poetry, Poetics, and the Spiritual Life

The philosopher Martin Heidegger and the theologian Karl Rahner both reflected upon the nature of poetry, and its capacity to reveal important spiritual truths. Here Robert Doud relates their thought to the writing of poets such as T.S. Eliot, Wallace Stevens and Friedrich Hölderlin, arguing that ‘all poetry points, however remotely and obscurely, to the gospels of Christianity’.

Patrick Baker

As I Was Going To Loyola …

Over the past forty years, thousands of lay Roman Catholics have found themselves influenced by Ignatian spirituality. Increasingly, this influence has spread to members of other Christian Churches. But how might this spirituality appeal to someone at what could seem to be the opposite end of the Christian spectrum? Patrick Baker gives a personal answer to this question.

Ignatius Jesudasan

The Metaphor and Mystery of Christmas

Most Christians today can readily accept that not everything in the Bible is to be taken literally. Scripture contains not only history, but poetry, parable, refashioned folk tales, and moral fables. Ignatius Jesudasan asks how an understanding of metaphor can illuminate the gospel accounts of Jesus’s birth, and the faith of the community of believers whom these scriptures bring together.

Robert Govaerts

Prayer and the Healing of Nature

Jesus urged his disciples to pray for whatever they needed, in confident expectation of receiving it. Often these needs include healing, on a personal level or more widely. Throughout the church’s history Christian thinkers have tried to understand the ways in which such prayers might “work”, if the responses they receive are to are to be more than capricious whims on God’s part. Govaerts considers some of the answers which have been given to this question, and offers a striking contemporary example of this kind of answered prayer.

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Just Faith: A Jesuit Striving for Social Justice, by Michael Campbell-Johnston SJ

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'Since you suggested it, you go and do it.' With these memorable words Fr Pedro Arrupe, the remarkable Father General of the Jesuits, launched Michael Campbell-Johnston SJ, known to all as CJ, on his lifelong mission of faith and justice. Throughout his more than forty years of active ministry, much of it with and alongside refugees and the poor, he wrote an annual letter to his friends. Full of personal anecdotes and vignettes, they vividly illustrate a period of considerable change for the Roman Catholic Church and for the wider society that it serves. This extraordinary memoir, based on these annual letters, bears witness to a life lived in the midst of social and ecclesiastical turmoil. It portrays someone serious of purpose but also an inveterate traveller, keen to discover and understand new places and people, and capable of creating a rapport with those from all stations in life, from gang leaders in El Salvador to prime ministers and presidents. But it also shows a man who spoke truth to power, whether confronting the military during the civil war in El Salvador or preaching on social justice in front of Tony Blair. It offers a remarkable first-hand insight into many key moments in twentieth-century history, and will motivate and inspire those convinced of the power of the gospel to transform our world.

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ISBN: 978 0 904717 36 5
This book will be published in November 2010 and preordered copies will be sent as soon as it is printed.

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