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To readers and friends of The Way, welcome to our new issue:

October 2009 Vol 48 no 4


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Michael Campbell-Johnston

‘Be a Patriot: Kill a Priest’

‘C-J’ knew all those who died in the killings at the University of Central America. This commemorative issue begins by reprinting an article that he wrote in the immediate aftermath of their deaths, in an attempt to respond to the question ‘Why?’

Pamela Hussey

An Empty Tomb

A year after the martyrs died, an open-air Mass was celebrated in El Salvador in their memory, attended by over 5,000 people. Pamela Hussey, who at the time worked for the Catholic Institute for International Relations, was there and describes how their legacy was felt at that time.

Clare Dixon

The Martyrs of the University of Central America: Twenty Years On

Through her work at CAFOD (the Catholic Fund for Overseas Development) Clare Dixon has had a close connection with the countries of Central America for many years. After her most recent visit she uses the anniversary to ask how the martyrs’ witness can help those who would engage in a contemporary social apostolate in El Salvador and elsewhere.

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Simone Lindorfer

Liberation Psychology: An Approach to the Reality of Traumatism in East Africa

One of those who was killed in El Salvador, Ignacio Martín-Baró, had developed a critique of current psychological methods from the perspective of liberation theology. Simone Lindorfer, who has worked with trauma victims in Africa, shows how this understanding has proved useful in a range of extreme conditions.

Nicholas King

Opposing the Claims of Mammon Biblical Reflections on the El Salvador Martyrs

Nicholas King is part-way through a translation of the whole of the Greek Christian scriptures. He is thus in an excellent position to consider the ways in which the Bible presents the idea of martyrdom, in particular in the New Testament.

The Minds of the Martyrs

The Roman Catholic martyrs of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries in England and Wales were killed by other Christians who were equally passionate in their beliefs. In the From the Ignatian Tradition strand of this issue we present contemporary reflections upon their situation from a variety of perspectives.

Damian Howard

Differently Crucified: Understanding the Islamic Martyrs

One reason that the concept of martyrdom is currently in the news is because of the way it is being used, rightly or wrongly, to describe the actions of a small group of radicalised Muslims. Damian Howard, who has just completed doctoral studies in Islamic thought, here outlines some of the variety of ways in which Islam has considered its martyrs.

Hüseyin Cicek

Martyrdom in Judaism, Christianity and Islam: Analogies and Differences

The French literary theorist René Girard developed a theory of 'scapegoating' that attempts to explain the origins of much human violence, including that which leads to martyrdom. Hüseyin Cicek’s article uses these ideas to consider the differences between the ways in which martyrdom is understood in the three Abrahamic faiths.

Michael Kirwan

Friday’s Children: A Reflection upon Contemporary Martyrdom

Martyrdom is perhaps most often thought of in church circles in purely religious terms—the fact that this is a death occasioned by a faith stance is, after all, what distinguishes the martyr from others who die violent deaths. Here Michael Kirwan argues that, nevertheless, 'Martyrdom is perhaps the most fundamental form of Christian political engagement’.

Paul Dominic

People for All Seasons

In 2008 Christians in Orissa, India, found themselves under attack from their Hindu neighbours, and many were killed. The Indian Jesuit Paul Dominic was in Guyana when he heard of these deaths, and offers a reflection on their significance.

Paul Nicholson

Not Peace but a Sword

It can at first sight seem that religions which profess peace as an important value often end up in conflict between themselves. Here Paul Nicholson presents the work of two authors who attempt to explain why this should be so

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Brian O'Leary SJ, Ignatian Spirituality

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Among the many strands in Christian spirituality one of the most enduring over the past 400 years bears the name of St Ignatius of Loyola. Today Ignatian spirituality is attracting followers from across the range of Christian denominations and from every walk of life. Even those who are unchurched can appreciate its open sensitive approach to the human person. Ignatian Spirituality is written simply and clearly, avoiding polemics, but introducing readers to a rich heritage that will nourish and encourage. It is beautifully designed and illustrated, appealing to the senses and imagination as much as to the understanding.

Price: £14.00

ISBN: 978 1 872245 65 2

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