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Peter Steele

Three Presences: The Dreamer, the Traveller and the Friend

Three men who shared rooms at the University of Paris in the early sixteenth century went on to shape the earliest history of the Jesuit order. Peter Steele presents three poems that illuminate the characters of Ignatius Loyola, Francis Xavier and Pierre Favre.

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Colleen Carpenter Cullinan

Red is the Colour of the Morning: Resurrection in the Writing of Terry Tempest Williams

The writings of Terry Tempest Williams reflect on humanity’s place within nature, and oppose the ways in which we despoil creation. Here Colleen Carpenter Cullinan shows how the theme of resurrection provides a key to a deepened understanding of Williams’s work.

Beth Crisp

Finding God in Illness

In our ‘Spirituality and Living’ strand, Beth Crisp offers an account of her experience of serious illness, and asks whether, without romanticising, it can offer an opportunity to ‘find God in all things’.

Mary McKeone

What Adults Can Learn from Young People

‘Children should be seen and not heard’, the old adage instructs. Mary McKeone’s years of experience, first as a teacher and later as a chaplain, suggest that, on the contrary, young people have much to teach those who are able to listen deeply to what they have to say.

Janet Tanner

The Irish Penitentials and Contemporary Celtic Christianity

The great revival in Celtic spirituality in recent years has often focused only on its appreciation of the natural world. Here Janet Tanner brings another aspect of its tradition to the fore, that of the books produced to help those involved in sacramental reconciliation.

J-M. Laurent

Reflections on Priestly Formation 1: Difficulties with Feelings

Jean-Michel Laurent has been involved in the formation of members of his religious congregation, the Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers), for many years. This article is the first of three extracts from a reflection on the strengths and weaknesses of contemporary priestly training.

Elena Ene D-Vasilescu

The Icon after Postmodernism

The modern and postmodern periods have seen an emphasis on the individual which has led to a fragmentation of communities and of belief systems. How can church art, and in particular icons, help people to recover a sense of cohesion and community in today’s world?

Mariola López Villanueva

The Ignatian Exercises in the Light of Stories about Women

In presenting the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises today, it is common to invite the exercitant to pray with the stories of biblical men: Zaccheaus and Bartimaeus, John and Peter, Abraham and Jeremiah. Might the experience be different if one concentrated on the women who find their place in the biblical narratives?

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Finding God in Each Moment: The Practice of Discernment in Everyday Life, by Carol Ann Smith and Eugene Merz

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Finding God in Each Moment is an invitation to become more attentive to the way the Spirit leads you and perceive more clearly God's presence and action in the world by considering your relationships as the very places in which you daily experience God's guidance. Through nine Moments of Love, the spiritual stages through which any healthy, growing relationship progresses, you will learn how to experience God's action while identifying the qualities needed for becoming more responsive to God's invitation to growth. Selections from scripture, the writings of St. Ignatius, and the documents of Vatican II will lead you to discover how each moment holds the opportunity to be taught by God.

Price: £11.99

ISBN: 978 0 904717 35 8

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