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Tom Rochford

Conversation with Fr Adolfo Nicolás

The recently elected Superior General of the Society of Jesus, Fr Adolfo Nicolás, talks about his life and experiences, and especially about his work in Japan and the Philippines. He reflects on his plans for the future as General.

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Hans Gustafson

Substance Beyond Illusion: The Spirituality of Bede Griffiths

The English Benedictine Bede Griffiths spent his life in India, and his Christian theology and spirituality were deeply influenced by Indian thought, and in particular by his dialogue with Hinduism. His work retains an enduring spiritual significance for Christians today.

John N. Sheveland

The Meaningfulness of Yoga to Christian Discipleship

In the West the practice of yoga is sometimes mistakenly treated as no more than a physical discipline, or identified with New Age spirituality. But in fact it has much to offer to Christians and Christian spirituality.

Rudolf Pöhl

Dei Verbum meets Homo Ludens

Bibliodrama enables people from diverse cultures and backgrounds to explore biblical texts and stories in a powerful and immediate way. A series of programmes and missions across Asia illustrates the value of this approach.

Juan Miguel Marin

Antonio Ruiz de Montoya’s Mystical Theology: Contemplation and Action in the Early Jesuit Mission to Peru and Paraguay

The Jesuit missionaries to Peru and their indigenous converts in the sixteenth century espoused a mystical theology which strengthened them in their ministry in a hard and challenging environment, according to the charism of contemplation in action. This article examines the lives of two Peruvian Jesuits and how they lived out this charism.

Antonio Ruiz de Montoya

Firestone of Divine Love

Ruiz de Montoya, a sixteenth-century Jesuit born in Peru, argues that mystical prayer is not just for the initiated, but for everyone.

Pascale Dalcq

Survival: A Grace … A Decision

The genocide in Rwanda in 1994 was a source of horror and despair. But even after witnessing such events, hope and life and faith are still possible.

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New titles:

The Old Testament: The Wisdom Literature, translated by Nicholas King SJ

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Nicholas King’s ground-breaking translation of the New Testament was published to great acclaim in 2004. This first group of Old Testament translations comprises Job, the Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, the Song of Songs, the Book of Wisdom and Ecclesiasticus. It will be followed by three more volumes: The Pentateuch, The Historical Books and The Prophets.

Price: £19.99

ISBN: 978 1 84867 069 3

Nicholas King SJ New Testament Study Guides

An outstanding feature of Nicholas King’s New Testament translation is the explanatory notes and commentary interwoven with the New Testament chapters, exploring the personalities, background, teaching, language, devices, style and syntax of the writers. They help give the reader the feel of the texts, explain trickier passages and highlight themes of special significance. Here the individual Gospels are published separately for ease of use in groups or for personal study.

Price: £4.99

ISBN 978 1 84417 527 7 (Matthew); ISBN 978 1 84417 528 4 (Mark); ISBN 978 1 84417 529 1 (Luke and Acts); ISBN 978 1 84417 530 7 (John)
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