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Directing the Imagination 2005 8.00


Spirituality, Tradition and Beauty 2005 8.00
God in the Real 2005 8.00
Ministering God's Word 2005 8.00
God Nowadays 2005 8.00
Commitment and Freedom 2004 8.00
Movements of the Spirits 2004 8.00
To Form a New People 2004 8.00
Expanding Creation 2004 8.00
Breaking Barriers 2003 6.00
Psychology and Ignatian Spirituality 2003 6.00
Educating the Heart 2003 6.00
The Ignatian Spirituality of The Way 2003 6.00
Mazes and Amazement 2001 5.00
Christians and Other Animals 2001 5.00
European Dialogues 2001 5.00
Spirituality at Home 2001 5.00
Addiction 2000 5.00
Way@Cyberspirituality 2000 5.00
Pacific Spirituality 2000 5.00
Dreams and Dreaming 2000 5.00

BACK NUMBERS OF The Way Supplement

Spirituality Across Borders 2002 5.00
Ignatian Spirituality and Contemplative Prayer 2002 5.00
Christianity and the Mystical
A5 Reprint
2001 5.00
Refounding: Church and Spirituality 2001 5.00
Popular Devotions 2001 5.00
Resurrection and Beyond:
The Fourth Week
2000 5.00
The Postmodern Generation 2000 5.00
Jewish and Christian Spirituality 2000 5.00
Retreats in Transition 1999 5.00
Spirituality and Time 1999 5.00
Discerning Together 1996 5.00
Ignatian Prayer 1995 5.00
Celibacy 1993 5.00