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If you give a subscription to The Way as a Christmas gift, we will give you a free subscription for yourself as a Christmas gift. Simply subscribe or renew through this page and remember to tick the box requesting a free subscription for yourself. If you have already renewed your subscription, another eyar will be added to your current expiry date.

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I already subscribe and would like to give The Way to someone else.
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Subscription Rates for 2013

  UK Europe USA Rest of World Discount Electronic
Personal 35.00 50.00 $64.00 38.00 26.00 (38.00) 25.00 (33.00, $40.00)
Institutional 55.00 80.00 $97.00 57.00 39.00 (63.00) 35.00 (50.00, $60.00)

The institutional rate applies to religious communities with more than six members.
The discount rate applies to readers in European post-Communist countries (paying in Euros) and to developing countries in the rest of the world (paying in sterling). It also applies to full-time students anywhere in the world.

VAT at 20% will be added to electronic subscriptions for customers in the UK.

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